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Direct School Admission (DSA)

DSA Application Form 2017

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The DSA-Sec Exercise was introduced in 2004 as MOE seeks to promote holistic education. Under the DSA-Sec Exercise, participating secondary schools will have the autonomy to admit students outside of the centralised posting exercise, via their own selection criteria.  

In April 2013, MOE approved Bedok South Secondary School as one of the schools under the DSA-Sec Exercise for Niche Development in Uniformed Groups. For 2017, Bedok South Secondary School will offer Secondary One places to aspiring students with the desire to be developed under our key distinctive programmes i.e. Applied Learning and Innovation, Sports and Outdoor Education, Humanities and Debate via the DSA-Sec Exercise. We are looking for students with the zeal in these areas and are willing to contribute to the school and society. 

Please visit our website to view the 4 programmes.

Our Distinctive Programmes :

Our distinctive programmes and their intended outcomes are as follows:

Applied Learning and Innovation –  Project S.H.I.N.E ( Student-centred and Holistic programme that develops Innovation and Nurtures Empathy) 

Key Objectives:
To develop in our students –
life-long values, skills and competencies to lead themselves and others; towards exploring their talents and potential and contributing to the community. 
     (i)    Creative and critical thinkers  to develop their knowledge, skills, values and attitudes                             towards learning; 

     (ii)  Effective Communicators and Collaborators to develop confidence when communicating                       and motivate them to work in teams or independently;

     (iii) Serve with conviction to allow students to see the relevance and value of what they are                          learning and paying it back to the community.

B)  Sports and Education ProgrammeSHAPE@BDS (A School of Healthy And Physically Educated Enthusiasts at Bedok South Secondary) through Sports and the Outdoors

Key Objectives

To inculcate in our students - life-long values, skills and competencies to lead themselves and others, towards living an active, healthy and fulfilling life.

    (i)  Self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve personal well-being physically,                              emotionally and mentally;

   (ii)  Social awareness, interpersonal and leadership skills to build maintain positive                                        relationships and lead others;

   (iii)  Skills and knowledge of sports and the outdoors to lead themselves and others towards                        living a healthy and balanced life.

C) Humanities

A creative problem solving and critical thinking programme representing the journey of discovery participants take while working in a team to solve challenging problems.


Key Objectives:
To nurture in our students - life-long values, skills, competencies and habits of mind to lead themselves and others in approaching the challenges of the future. 

  (i)    Develop students Creativity and Problem Solving skills through exposure to                                              interdisciplinary challenges.

  (ii)  Build self-confidence and public speaking skills through the varied performance arts                               process.

 (iii)  Work collaboratively in a team while discovering their unique strengths, interests and                             potential.

 (iv) Grow an innovative outlook and problem-solving approach that is Future-Ready and will                        equip them for excellence in their future endeavours

D) Debate

A literacy programme that provides students with opportunities to develop intellectual rigour and critical thinking in their use of the English Language.

Key Objectives:

To develop in our students - life-long values, skills and competencies that help them acquire global awareness and develop their communication, collaborative and critical thinking skills.

  (i)  Develop independent, confident and effective users of the language, through varied                           activities that help to hone their communication skills.

 (ii)  Inculcate an intellectual curiosity of real-world global and social issues, and be innovative                   problem-solvers in approaching such issues

 (iii)  Collaborate as a team through active participation in various debating tournaments, both on               local and international platforms.

Application Procedure

Bedok South Secondary School: Direct School Admission (DSA-SEC) to 2018 Secondary 1

Bedok South Secondary School has always endeavoured to provide our students with many opportunities to develop their curricular and co-curricular interests. This exposure has led many of our students to discover their passion, strengths and potential, and fueled their desire to pursue more advanced learning in the areas where they have displayed talent. The Direct School Admission (DSA-Sec) exercise provides us with the opportunity to admit students with pre-requisites and talent in our: 

1. Applied Learning Programme - Project SHINE

2. Learning for  Life Programme - SHAPE@BDS

3. Humanities 

4. Debate 

Bedok South Secondary welcomes all Primary 6 students to participate in the Direct School Admission (DSA-Sec) Exercise. Applicants must satisfy diverse academic and non-academic criteria such as good communication skills, leadership potential and outstanding personal qualities such as Integrity, Courage, Accountability, Respect, Excellence and Care. 

Through this exercise, successful applicants via our distinctive programmes will gain admission into BDS for the academic year beginning January 2018, and specifically for LLP, students must be part of the school’s sports or uniformed groups throughout his/her 4 or 5 years in Bedok South Secondary School.

a. Application forms can be downloaded here from 8  May to 30 June 2017

b. All application forms must be duly completed and submitted by hand only to Bedok South Secondary School General Office (Mon – Fri, 0800 hrs – 1700 hrs) together with the following supporting documents:  

   1. A portfolio of Academic and Non-Academic Awards and Achievements including leadership,                    Values-in-Action, other special talents and contributions to school and community, if any;

   2. Certified true copies of Primary 5 End-of-Year and Primary 6 Mid-Year exam results , NAPFA                 Results, CCA records, letters of recommendations, if any;
   3. Any documents deemed relevant to the application. 

c.  Application via post, fax and/or electronic mail will NOT be accepted. 
d. The closing date of submission is on 30 June 2017 at 5.00 pm. Applications received after this date       and time will NOT be accepted. 
e.  Incomplete applications and those without supporting documents will also not be considered. 
f. Only short-listed applicants are required to attend an interview by the Selection Panel from  17 July      to 11 Aug 2017.
g. All applicants will be informed on the outcome of their application by 31 Aug 2017 via post.                   Successful applicants’ primary schools will follow-up on other actions of the DSA exercise. Results of      posting will be released on the day of the release of the PSLE results. 

The Application timeline for 2017 is summarised as follows:

8 May – 30 June 2017Application for BDS DSA-Sec Exercise
30 June 2017, 5.00 pm Closing date for submission of Application Form with supporting documents to the school
10 July 2017 Notification of short-listed candidates
17 July to 11 August 2017 School-based interview for short-listed applicants
Stage 1: Selection Stage
By 31 August 2017

All applicants will receive a reply from the school on the outcome of their application informing them if: 

They have been given a Confirmed Offer (CO). 

They are placed on the Waiting List (WL).

The school is unable to offer them a place

23 October 2017
Applicants studying in MOE schools, with a Confirmed Offer or on the Waiting List, will be issued with a School Preference Form (by respective Primary Schools). Those not studying in MOE schools will collect their School Preference Forms from MOE Customer Service Centre
 Stage 2: Exercise School Preference Stage
23 October to 27 October 2017, 3.00 pm
 School Preference Form to be submitted physically at respective Primary Schools or online via the DSA-Sec Internet System (DSA-Sec IS). 
 Stage 3: Results Release Stage
Between 24 to 28 November 2017 (Tentative)
Release of DSA-Sec Results together with PSLE results
 22 December 2017 (Tentative) Applicants report to school

Selection Criteria

Bedok South Secondary School invites talented Primary 6 students with any of the following attributes and achievements to apply through the DSA-Sec exercise:

a)    Via Applied Learning and Innovation - ALP

      1. Represented the school and achieved accolades in inter-disciplinary-related competitions          (e.g. National Junior Robotics Competition, Singapore Amazing Machine Competition). 

      2. Held leadership positions in inter-disciplinary related clubs or societies (e.g. Science Club,           Infocomm and Media Club, Robotics Club). 

      3. Led / Member in inter or intra-school projects or IP-related competitions.

b)    Via Sports and Education - LLP

 1. Possesses strong aptitude and interest in sports and outdoors.

             2. Held leadership position/s in primary school e.g. class chairman, prefect, CCA                                          captain/chairman etc.
             3. Recipient of an Edusave Award for Achievement, Leadership and Service

       c)    Via Humanities
              1. Possesses strong aptitude and interest in the Arts.
              2. Background in Drama/Public Speaking.
              3. Has interest and passion in Humanities.

       d)    Via Debate 
              1. Represented the school in competitive programmes such as debate tournaments, public                        speaking competitions etc.
              2. Background in public speaking.
              3. Has interest and passion in English Language. 

In addition, please indicate your participation/contribution in external competitions/events (if any).     

Applicants will need to:

a.    Submit a portfolio of Academic and Non-Academic awards and achievements including leadership,          Values in Action, other special talents and contributions to school and the community if any; 

b. Submit personal Statement via the application form;

c. Pass the interview/ aptitude-based assessment; and 

d. Attend trials for DSA via Sports and Education - LLP

Only shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview from 17 July to 11 August 2017.   

For more information about the DSA Exercise, you may:

Visit MOE website at: https://www.moe.gov.sg/

Visit BSSS website at http://www.bedoksouthsec.moe.edu.sg or call 6441 4479