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Principal's Message

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Dear BDSians,

Welcome back from your September break. 

As you begin the final lap of your 2018 academic year, it is also timely to  reflect on your past few terms and even years in the school. The efforts you  have put into your studies, CCA and other endeavours will have begun to  bear fruit, regardless of whether the results are already apparent to you. The  most important changes, in fact, are probably defined by how your character    has been shaped by your journey so far. Following mistakes and disappointments, some of you may have become more resilient as you learned how to persevere and pick yourselves up even when the going got tough. Following success, some of you may have appreciated the importance of the support you   received  along the way, and the value of humility. Witnessing the ups and downs of your peers, some of   you also grew by lending a helping hand, and offering care and empathy. 

 On the last day of Term 3, the graduating classes celebrated Graduation Day. As we watched the   appreciation videos that each class had made, we were struck by how diverse their experiences have   been, and how closely knit their friendships have become. Most of all, we were heartened by how our   graduating students have matured over their years with us, and how they have, in their own ways,   become leaders who serve with conviction.

 We hope that every cohort continues to enjoy school and grow through enriching experiences with us. As   we enter Term 4, consider how your unique journey in BDS so far has progressed, and how you can draw   lessons and strength from both its highlights and low points. As you consolidate your learning, you will   become better able to focus on and attain your goals.

 Best of luck for your final examinations of the year,                                                                                       School Leaders                                                                                                                                       Bedok South Secondary School