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National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC)


The National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC) was formed in 2005 and the creation of this Uniformed Group was in response to the need for the young leaders of tomorrow to have a firm pillar and grounding in Total Defence. NCDCC is a component of the Home Team Cadet Corps Initiative and have their Headquarters located at the Home Team Academy. The NCDCC Crest follows closely to the crest of the parent organisation, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). The international Civil Defence triangle features prominently in the crest. The equilateral blue triangle symbolizes the three main areas of Civil Defence — fire safety, first aid, and rescue and evacuation.


Miss Goh Jing Teng (OIC) 
Miss Corrina Teo 
Miss Jeanette Sim

And Volunteer Adult Leaders


In alignment with the aims of our HQ NCDCC and our parent organisation SCDF, NCDCC will seek to nurture and develop our youths into resilient and responsible citizens through innovative and challenging CD activities. It is a choice Uniformed Group (UG) that equips our youths with life-savings skills for challenging times ahead.

Scope of Activities

NCDCC believes in developing and empowering its cadets to become active and concerned citizens with life-saving skills such as basic firefighting, first aid, CPR and AED. 

In 2017, NCDCC launched the Specialisation Model to better train and equip cadets with relevant Civil Defence skills. Under the Specialisation Model, the Secondary 3 cadets are given the choice to specialise in any one of the three tracks – Fire Safety, Medical Support and Urban Search and Rescue. They are encouraged to pursue development in the area of their interests and strengths so that they can prepare themselves when serving the needs of the community. 

In the light of the rising threat of terrorism, Singapore has launched the SGSecure Movement as a community response to the terror threat. The NCDCC cadets play a crucial role in actively advocating for greater knowledge of life-saving skills. Throughout the year, the cadets also participated in many events and competitions such as NCDCC Outdoor Resilience Adventure Challenge (NORAC), NFEC-NCDCC Inter-unit Quiz, NCDCC Affirmation Day and Games Day. All these help develop the cadets’ leadership skills, civil defence knowledge and also forge stronger bonds amongst them.


2020SCDF-NCDCC Pinnacle Award
WO Manav Kontu
2019Unit Overall Proficiency Award
 Unit Best Cadet (2019) WO Leong Hao Yi 
 SCDF-NCDCC Pinnacle AwardWO Jerome Keong
2018SCDF-NCDCC Pinnacle AwardWO Suriani Zaini Abdullah
2017Unit Overall Proficiency Award Bronze 
2016Unit Overall Proficiency Award Bronze 
2015Unit Overall Proficiency AwardSilver
2014Unit Overall Proficiency AwardGold (4th consecutive in 2014)
 Sustained Excellence Award (for 3 continuous years, 2013)  
 Unit Best Cadet (2014)WO Muhd Syafique Bin Muhd A 
 SCDF – NCDCC Pinnacle Badge RecipientWO Zafran Bin Azhar 
 2013Unit Overall Proficiency AwardGold
 2012Unit Overall Proficiency AwardGold
 2011Unit Overall Proficiency AwardGold

Leadership Positions

1. Company Sergeant Major (CSM)
2. Assistant Sergeant Major (ASM)
3. Head of Training
4. Head of Operations
5. Head of Administration
6. Head of Public Relations and Welfare
7. Head of Logistics
8. Physical Training Instructor
9. First Aid IC
10. Fire Safety IC