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Design & Technology

Design & Technology


Design & Technology (D&T) is part of a holistic broad-based education. It is a compulsory project-based subject in the lower secondary school curriculum. D&T anchors on design action and the application of knowledge and process skills. For the upper secondary school curriculum, it can be offered as an elective subject that will to lead to ‘O’ or ‘N’ Level examination for that part of the school curriculum identified as Design and Technology (D&T). This will follow a course of study that emphasises designing involving research, reasoned application of knowledge and skills in the areas of design and technology.

Student Outcomes

Students will
·     Develop critical & creative thinking skills.
·     Acquire communication and research skills. 
·     Demonstrates judgement on design aesthetics and functionality. 
·     Learn project management. 


The D&T syllabus comprises three learning domains broadly classified as Design Appreciation, Designing and Making. Pupils will learn to apply knowledge and skills through design-and-make activities.

Design Appreciation

Design appreciation exposes pupils to product awareness, product functions, aesthetics, design in society, and cultural and technological influences on design.


Through the design process, pupils learn and practise basic strategies and skills in research, analysis, ideation and development, evaluation and design communication


Pupils acquire basic making skills and related knowledge through the manipulation of resistant materials, simple modelling materials and basic technology; and the execution of appropriate techniques and processes in a workshop environment. Through making, pupils also learn to use materials prudently and develop the habit of effective and efficient work processes in a safe manner.

Assessment Criteria


Assessment Mode



Sec 1



     1. Designing

     2. Making


Sec 2



     1. Designing

     2. Making

Written Examination



     3. Designing 

     4. Technology



Upper Sec



1. Design Problem Solving
2. Technology
3. Making

Written Examination


      4. Design Problem Solving

      5. Technology

Lower Secondary Programme

Key Programme

Pupils engage in design-and-make activities and experience a process of design adapted to their abilities, interest and design context. Using Design Thinking methodology they experience authentic learning using ‘real world’ skills to solve “real-world problems” with “real solutions” using knowledge and skills in Design and Technology.

  • Understand
  • Ideate
  • Prototype
  • Test

skills in Design and Technology

Lower Secondary Programme DnT

Upper Secondary Programme

Key Programme

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

In alignment with Bedok South Secondary's strategic objectives to provide a learner centred quality education with emphasis on active students learning, our D&T department aims to develop our students into thinking individuals who embraces 21st century competencies and are well prepared to meet future challenges. Competencies such as being enterprising and innovative will be invaluable skills for our students. 

Entrepreneurship and Innovation
The Entrepreneurship and Innovation in our Sec 3 D&T curriculum comprising of design process and business design practices will provide opportunities for real learning, develop the students' innovative thinking and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship.

In this programme, Sec 3 D&T students will be at the Red Dot Design Museum for the MAAD event.

The students were part of the entrepreneurship and innovation programme by Spring Singapore, YES! Schools initiative to provide opportunities for them to apply their D & T skills and expose to business design. Students conducted their micro business in creating their own designs and test market the viability of their designs at the MAAD event.