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Stretch Programme

Sunburst Science Educator Programme

Our BDS Science Talent Management students completed 100 hrs of hours in collaboration with Science Centre. Two displays are put up by them.

cience Educator Programme 01.jpegcience Educator Programme 02.jpeg

cience Educator Programme 03.jpegcience Educator Programme 04.jpeg

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Pet Rocket Competition

The National PET Rocket competition is an annual event organised to identify students with the potential to represent Singapore at the annual Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF) Water Rocket Event. Selected students undergo gruelling weekly training session to hone their rocket construction and launching skills to meet the competition criteria of hitting a specified target 60 metres away. Students from schools that emerge in the top placings in the National Competition then undergo a further selection round to select the team that will eventually represent Singapore. 

Through participating in this competition, they will learn:

1.  Adaptability, flexibility and the importance of sportsmanship

2. The importance of team work to achieve a common goal

In 2016, a group of 5 students from our school represented Singapore at the APRSAF-23 Water Rocket Event in Manila, Philippines. The students were selected based on merit during the International Selection Training in August 2016. During the two day event, the students interacted with over 70 student participants from 18 Asia-Pacific countries including Australia, Bangladesh, China, Korea, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Participants learnt about the cultures from the different countries through student presentations and various team bonding events. On the competition day, our students worked with some unfamiliar material to construct their water rocket using recycled bottles and duct tape under timed pressure. During the two rounds of intensive launching of the water rockets, our students did their best to fine tune their launch conditions to accurately navigate their water rockets to hit the bull’s eye at the 80 metres target. While our students did not win the Championship title, they forged friendships and learnt many valuable lessons about adaptability, unpredictability while displaying tremendous sportsmanship and team spirit.

13th Singapore National Crystal Growing Challenge

On the 26th May 2018, a 4 pairs of students had participated in the 13th Singapore National Crystal Growing Challenged organised by the National University of Singapore (NUS) Chemistry Department. Clarice (2B), Jackey (2D), Zi Wei (3A) and Chin Hue (3A) had participated in the Junior Level which they had to grow a single, well-defined ammonium cobalt(II) sulfate hexahydrate crystal as big as they can and with highest clarity possible. While Ley Hooi (2B), Heng Yik(2B) Jed (3B) and Rian (3E) participated in the Open Level which they had to grow a crystal tree using an organic compound. Both tasks proved to be very challenging and students spent many hours in the school laboratory under the guidance of Mr Huang De Biao, repeating their experiments in order to find out the best conditions to make the best crystals and crystal trees. Their efforts were rewarded when Zi Wei and Chin Hue clinched the First Runner Up while Ley Hooi and Heng Yik won the Second-Runner Up. All in all, the students had gained insights to real-world science research procedures. They learnt how to conduct quality scientific research, write effective poster for presentation and keep high standard laboratory note books.

Prize presentation

Crystal Growing Prize presentation.jpg

Crystal Growing Prize presentation 1.jpg

Crystal Growing Prize presentation 2.jpg

Crystal Growing Prize presentation 3.jpg

Science Talent Management Programme Crystals Growing

Students selected for this programme are identified through Sec 1 end of year examination results and teachers’ recommendation. The programme aims to develop students’ passion in research, help students to appreciate the relevance and value what they learn in the science curriculum.

They go through basic research programme and learn the scientific skills lessons:

·         Variables & controls

·         Hypothesis writing

·         Sourcing for information

·         Recording of data

·         Data handling & Analysis

·         Conclusion writing

·         Ethics in Science

Using Crystal growing as a platform, the aim is to raise interest of students in chemistry and prepare them for national and international competitions such as NUS Crystal Growing competition as well as International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) competition. This helps students to develop a stronger motivation and purpose to acquire knowledge and skills beyond the curriculum. Through the mastery of the art of crystal growing, students will also learn about chemistry happening around us and discover the elegant science behind this ubiquitous process. Skills and competencies include:

·         Scientific inquiry and literacy

·         Problem solving 

·         Scientific presentation

All students in this programme will participate in at least one external Science competition within their 2 years.  They are provided with opportunities to attend enrichment programme, seminar or talk.  They are also given opportunities to take on leadership roles in preparing young participants for higher level challenges.


Crystal growing

Crystal growing exhibit

Meritorious Award:

Meritorious Award

Certificate of Participation:

Certificate of Participation

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