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Staff Accolades

Staff Accolades



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2018 President’s Award for Teachers

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Outstanding Youth in Education Award 2017


YESS  2017 Inspiring Malay Teacher Mdm Suhaila

2017 Recognition Ms Marinah

2017 Recognition Ms Chia Suat Huang

2017 Recognition Ms Nadia Ramli

2017 Recognition Mrs Cher Ming Ming

2017 Recognition Mr Asraf

2017 Recognition Mrs Mah-Pow Lai Gim

2017 Recognition Mr Edzra Iskandar


2017 Recognition Ms Sophia Yap

2017 Recognition Ms Sophia Yap Sharing...

2017 Recognition Ms Nalinee

2017 Recognition Ms Nalinee

2017 Recognition Tan Li Si

2017 Recognition Mdm Norehda Bte Sold

2017 Recognition Mr Ang Teng Lai


National Day Awards

2016 Nominees for the following awards

2016 Nominees for the following awards2016 Nominees for the following awards 22016 Nominees for the following awards 3


President's Award 2015
  Award Criteria Alignment to VMV Owner Closing Nomination Date 2013  2014   2015  2016 
External PAT The PAT recognises excellent teachers for their dedication and hard work in developing our young.Nominees must be teachers who are dedicated to leading, caring and inspiring students to believe in themselves and be the best they can be. They must be reflective practitioners who demonstrate deep pedagogy. Besides leading in and contributing to the professional growth of other teachers, they must be role models for the teaching profession.

Mission - build character, develop leaders of tomorrow

Vision - value-added (teachers)
ICARE - Integrity, Accountability, Excellence, Care
SSD mid-Feb  Mdm Halimah Bte Jumaha 
Mrs Djie-Lim Say Aii
Mdm Halimah Bte Jumaha   Mr Low Swee Hian
   OYEA The Outstanding Youth in Education Award (OYEA) gives national recognition to young teachers who are role models for the teaching profession.

These educators motivate, challenge and inspire their students to bring out their full potential. They personify deep passion for teaching, youthful idealism, energy and enthusiasm, and play a critical role in moulding the future of our nation. the six winners strongly believe that education is about nurturing the child holistically. They have sought to nurture all-rounded individuals through their lessons and interaction with students. These teachers have also distinguished themselves by adopting innovative approaches both in and outside the classroom, as well as demonstrating dedication in stretching their students’ potential. 

Mission - build character, develop leaders of tomorrow 


Vision - value-added (teachers)


ICARE - Integrity, Accountability, Excellence, Care 

SSD  mid-Jan  Mr Ng Wee Loon 
Goh De Hao Samuel 
Ms Chong Chen Chen Cynthia 
Ms Wong Ming Zhi Denise 
  CARING TEACHER  The Caring Teacher Awards aims to pay tribute to teachers who show care and concern for the holistic development of their students, and go the extra mile to ensure their charges grow up to be confident and independent learners.  ICARE - care  Student Development Com Oct     

New 2015-5

Mrs Mah LG

Mrs Maria Thiah.

Ms Lee Wei Ling Joanne.


Goh De Hao Samuel .

Ms Jacquelyn Wan.

Alternate Year 


IP HODs          

  Inspiring English Teacher Award  Are role models of the use of good spoken and written English; Promote learning-focussed interaction during English Langauge lessons; Choose pedagogies appropraite to learners' needs  

Vision - value-added (teachers)


ICARE - Excellence 

IP HODs  1st week May        Ms DichenGrace Isaacs ; 
Mdm Siti Zubaidah Bte Md Sharif
  Chinese The Leap Award (Singapore Hokkian Huay Kuan) 

(LEAP Award – Listening Educator for Advancement and Progress Award)The LEAP Award is to recognise exceptional teachers  who use innovative and effective methods to motivate students 

who have made a difference in the lives of their pupils. It will be presented to teachers who have made a positive impact in nurturing their charges from the heart. Why LEAP? Because it requires a leap of faith for a teacher to believe that a student has the potential to be what he/she can be.

Vision - value-added (teachers)


ICARE - Excellence

IP HODs end Jun      Mdm Tan Bee Bee
Ms Poh Sio Hoon
  Malay         Arif Budiman Malay Language Teacher Award (AGAB)  a. Their ability to raise the knowledge, skills and interest in the learning of the Malay Language, literature and culture;

b. Their dedication and commitment to the pursuit of excellence in the teaching and learning of the Malay Language in the classroom and beyond;

c. Their care and concern for the well-being and needs of their students; and

d. The display of the values of ‘Arif’ and ‘Budiman’  through excellent service as a teacher.

Vision - value-added (teachers)


ICARE - Excellence 

IP HODs   1st week July       Mdm Marinah Bte Mydin

This Award recognises teachers who are role models in the teaching and learning of Science. Principals may nominate outstanding teachers for this Award. The Outstanding Science Teacher Award (OSTA) is sponsored by the Singapore Association for the Advancement of Science (SAAS) and Science Teachers Association of Singapore (STAS).

Nominees for the awards should be teachers who:

• ignite a love for Science in their students;

• use innovative methods to engage students in learning of Science; and 

• are passionate about making Science interesting and relevant to students 

Vision - value-added (teachers) 


ICARE - Excellence

IP HODs  end Mar    Ms Chong Chen Chen Cynthia  
  Mdm Surimah Bte Selamat
  History  Subject Knowledge :  demonstrates mastery of the subject matter - Pedagogy :  demonstrates ability to foster the spirit of inquiry  maximises active learning by encouraging student participation  demonstrates ability to develop beliefs, instincts and skills needed for citizenship participation - Student Development :  is able to motivate, challenge, and inspire students - Professional Development :  shows evidence of continual self-development and adaptability in the face of changes in education  is involved in activities that contribute to the professional growth of fellow teachers such as workshops and curriculum development committees 

Vision - value-added (teachers)


ICARE - Excellence 

IP HODs  1st week jun         
  Outstanding Computing Teacher Award (OCTA) 

Passion for and Mastery of the subject


The teacher has sound pedagogical skills, and is able to flexibly apply his/her subject knowledge to engage students and effectively facilitate learning among them. He/she is able to effectively apply the relevant technologies to support teaching and learning.  

            Ms Lim Yih 
  CPA/CS  The teacher is well-read about the subject, and demonstrates passion and commitment to promote Computing Education. He/she keeps up to date on new developments in Computing Education and seeks to incorporate those developments into his/her teaching to excite and enthuse students. 

Vision - value-added (teachers)

ICARE - Excellence 

IP HODs  1st week July         
  Service Excellence 

The MOE Service Excellence Award (MSEA) is a MOE-wide Award to encourage all MOE staff to continually and consistently serve both internal and external customers with excellent service premised on CARE (Courtesy, Accessibility, Responsiveness andEffectiveness)and the 3 key Service Principles [People Centricity, Mutual Courtesy and Respect and Shared Responsibility for the Public Good]. 

MSEA is a platform to recognise deserving MOE staff who at the same time also inspire their colleagues to provide people-focused solutions. 

Winners of MSEA will receive an award of $100 and a MSEA certificate. 

The criteria looks at perforamance and personal attributes like eg Had a positive influence on other colleagues or Division in terms of enhancing service standards. Had tangible influence on moving the Division/School towards a culture of service excellence.


Vision - value-added (teachers), quality school


ICARE - Excellence 

VPs  1st week Oct   Mr Ang Teng Lai   Mr Huang Debiao   
  Excellent Service Award (EXSA)

The Excellent Service Award (EXSA) 2014 is open for nomination! We would like to encourage all Divisions, Independent Units and Schools to nominate outstanding and deserving staff for the EXSA. While nomination is not compulsory, it is a good opportunity for us to recognise fellow colleagues for their excellence in service delivery to both internal and external customers.

Background Information

The EXSA, launched by Spring Singapore in 1994, is a national award that recognises individuals in both the public and private sectors who have delivered outstanding service.  It seeks to develop service models within organisations for staff to emulate, create service champions and professionalise customer service. EXSA is managed by SPRING Singapore and 7 industry lead associations, and MOE participates in the EXSA - Public Service Sector.

The EXSA comprises 3 award categories: Silver, Gold and Star. The three assessment criteria are (i) Customer compliments received; (ii) Recognition (internal/external awards received); and (iii) Contribution to service improvement within the organization. 

 Vision - value-added (teachers), quality school

ICARE - Excellence
VPs  end Apr    Mr Ang Teng Lai, Mr Ng Lee Peng, Mdm Hiry    Ms Nalinee 

OCA: Individual/




The OCA award is to recognize individual staff and teams who have made significant contribution to the school. The number of awards given out will be dependent on the number of nominations received.    

The selection criteria will be based on the nominee’s contribution in four main areas namely:

Impact on Pupils

Impact on Staff

Impact on School

Impact on Community   


Vision - value-added (teachers), quality school


ICARE - Excellence 

AM  1st week Oct  Individual
Mrs Kavitha Thaven,
Mr Gerald Lim &
Mr Zulhilmi Jalil


General Office 

Estate Mangement
Mr Ng Wee Loon, Mdm Surimah Selamat & Mdm Aziani Ahmad


ALP Committee

NT Maths

Mr Huang Debiao &
Ms Toh Qin Min


PE Department

BDS Charity Golf Working Committee

Internal Exam Committee

Operations Support Officer (OSO) Group