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The BDS Humanities Department believes that all our students have the capacity to hold the world in their hands.  

In line with the school's Teaching and Learning Framework, we seek to nurture creative and critical thinkers with the skills to excel in the 21st Century world, the heart to empathise with our fellow men, and the spirit to appreciate our diverse heritage and environment.
Student Outcomes 
A BDS Humanities Student will be able to acquire the following:

  • Skills
    • Think critically about various issues from different perspectives. 
    • Critically examine and analyse different sources of information to construct clear explanations and make informed judgments.      
    • Clearly and confidently communicate their ideas through a variety of means.       
    • Acquire, manage and use different types of information effectively. 
  • Knowledge
    • Develop an understanding of important concepts related to History, Geography and Social Studies. 
    • Have an informed awareness about current issues relevant to Singapore, the region, and the world. 
  • Values and Attitudes
    • Be able to empathise with multiple perspectives while formulating their own independent ideas.
    • Be able to embrace and respect diversities in modern day societies. 
    • Be comfortable with complexity and ambiguity,and is resilient when faced with challenges. 
    • Be appreciative of the inter-connectedness of the world around them. 
    • Be curious about the world around them. 
    • Be motivated to meaningfully contribute to bettering the lives of others around them.

Approach & Pedagogy

  • Inquiry-Based Learning approach to investigating issues 
    • (Historical Inquiry/Geographical Inquiry/Issues Investigation)       
  • Differentiated Teaching and Learning with banded student groups      
  • Assessment for Learning (AfL) approach to formative assessment       
  • Collaborative Learning       
  • Experiential Learning through interactive, interdisciplinary Learning Journeys      
  • Application and relevance to real-world, authentic case studies

Subjects under the Humanities Department: