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BDS Alumni

Alumni Annual Meeting

The annual alumni meeting was held in February 2017. The school leaders engaged the alumni in discussion on how the alumni could help in enhancing our school's student outcomes.

BDS Alumni Kickabout 

The BDS alumni and students session was conducted with the aim of having the alumni share their experiences and skills with the soccer students. The alumni gave our soccer students positive pointers in terms of life skills and managing emotions, both of which are very helpful in the development of 21st Century Competencies.

BDS Alumni Kickabout 2017

BDS Alumni Kickabout 

On the morning of our Alumni got together to have a kickabout soccer session in our school field. There were participants from the various batches of students. The event was a great success as the Alumni really had a good time through the interactions they had. In between the matches and during refreshments, the various batches had a good time getting to know one another. We are looking forward to future sessions.

BDS Alumni Kickabout 2016

BDS 35th Anniversary Alumni Reunion 2015

BDS 35th Anniversary Alumni Reunion 2015

Our BDS Alumni Reunion in commemoration of BDS 35th Anniversary was held on the 31 Oct 2015 at the old BDS site (current Haig Girls’ School holding site). We are very fortunate to have two of ex- school leaders to be with us for the event, Ms Koh Sauk Keow (ex-Principal) and Mr Lee Kok Hong (ex-VP). The event kicked of with the flag raising ceremony in which the National anthem and the school song was played. This evoked fond memories for the Alumni as they recalled the daily routine in BDS years ago. Our Principal, Ms Fun then shared with the audience how BDS has progressed over the years and future plans. This is followed by a short BDS forum where the panel shared fond memories of their stay in BDS and how they have gained so much form their experiences in BDS. The whole audience then had a group wefie before they proceed to take pictures at various places in the school in the ‘Walk down Memory Lane’ activity. From the happy faces and the joyful interactions among the Alumni, the ex teachers and our staff, the event was really meaningful and triggered a lot of nostalgic moments. Many are already looking forward to future Alumni events. 

BDS Alumni Reunion

Alumni Tea Session 2014

Alumni Tea Session  

On 30 August 2014, the school had our Alumni Tea Session in the School Hall. The turnout was encouraging and we were able to meet  the objectives of the session to establish contact and tap on the networking potential of our alumni that includes the pioneer batch who graduated in 1980. We also wanted to acknowledge the contributions of our teachers who have taught these graduates/ex-students/alumni and it was great to see them meet up after such a long time.  We certainly look forward to our next meet up.