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External Partners

Design Singapore Council        

Design Singapore Council

Project SHINE has been collaborating with Design Singapore Council since 2015 for our school’s Design Thinking programme. Officers from Design Singapore mentor our teachers, Secondary One and Two students and our BDS Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship group in the programme. In March 2016, Design Singapore Council announced our collaboration in their Design 2025 Masterplan which looks at enhancing the Design Thinking programme in the school through the Train-the-Trainer programme, and to pilot a course in design sensibilities to develop the students’ values of empathy and awareness of their environment to cultivate creativity and design sensibilities .

Spring Singapore

Young Entrepreneurs Scheme for Schools -
Cultivating an Entrepreneurial & Innovative Mindset

In alignment with Bedok South Secondary’s strategic objectives to provide a learner-centred quality education with emphasis on active student learning, the school aims to develop our students into thinking individuals who embrace 21st century competencies and are well prepared to meet future challenges. Competencies such as being enterprising and innovative will be invaluable skills for our students. 

Since 2013, we have put in place a comprehensive structured entrepreneurship and innovative learning programme with the support from Spring Singapore , YES! Schools initiative. The programme which is also subsumed into the Design Technology curriculum, comprised of design and make processes, and business design practises. This has provided opportunities for students to conduct their own micro business in creating their designs. The students participated at Red Dot Design Museum MAAD event (Market of Artists and Designers) which provided a platform for them to showcase their work and talent, and test market the viability of their designs. 

showcase their work and talent

Sport Singapore

Tier 3 (Selected Students - Sports Enthusiasts): We have been collaborating with Sport Singapore on numerous key platforms. First, to support our students’ interests, leadership and service to the community with the Young Team Singapore Ambassador Programme – a two year programme organised by Sport Singapore and supported by MOE to develop Sports-oriented Sports leaders.

Young Team Singapore Ambassador Programme

Young Team Singapore Ambassador Programme 1Tier 1 (All Students): Based on the theme for each year, we invite speakers for assembly talks, roadshows or conduct sports clinics for all students.

Sport Singapore also helps to track past BDSians who are part of Team Singapore and where possible, our ex-BDSians who have been successful in the sports scene have also come back to inspire current BDSians.

Sport Singapore  track past BDSians

Health Promotion Board (HPB)

As part of a sustainable partnership, the school also collaborated with HPB under its Health Promoting Schools Framework. Under this framework, BDS is envisioned as a house with a strong base (Monitoring System – needs assessment, action plan, and monitoring and assessment) and 3 key pillars.

  1. Supportive environment in Nutrition, Physical Activity, Substance Control, Weight Management – (Physical and Health Education Department), Mental Health, Sexuality Education (CCE) and Tobacco Control (Student Management Committee), Preventive Services. The Student Health Advisor (SHA), with HPB’s nutritionists, helps in the regular monitoring of healthy meals in school, above regular internal efforts. In 2016, in line with our school’s Learning for Life programme through the Sports and Outdoors, the entire student population participated in an inaugural 10-week Inter-School Steps Challenge. 

  2. Targeted intervention (Obesity management – Student Health Advisor (SHA) with PE and Health Dept and Tobacco Control) The Refresh students and East Zone Bedok Schools culminated their nutrition and workout sessions with a Bedok Schools Challenge – an annual sports carnival with a selected group of students. The Student Management Committee works with SHA to counsel students under our radar for tobacco or substance control.

Targeted intervention

Targeted intervention 1

3.Capacity building (Parent engagement, student engagement, teachers training). We have a group of Student Health Ambassadors who work with HPB vendors and advocate leading a lifelong healthy lifestyle, and leading and supporting health related programmes in the school or community

Balestier Khalsa Football Club

The school collaborates with Balestier Khalsa Football Club in the development of Under-15 age group players who train in our school’s field. Some of our school’s more talented players have had the opportunity of training together with them. In addition to that, BKFC also contributes and supports our students in other sporting areas.

In 2016, Balestier Khalsa and Bedok South Secondary School jointly organised the H2O Ultimate Championship at our school for selected Primary Schools, as part of an outreach effort.

Balestier Khalsa Football Club
Balestier Khalsa Football Club 1
Balestier Khalsa Football Club 2