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Parent Support Group (PSG)


The BDS Parents’ Support Group (PSG) was formed more than 10 years ago by parents whose children were students at BDS. They took a strong interest in their children’s moral, social aesthetics, physical and academic development and were actively involved in PSG activities to support school prgrammes. 

Following in the footsteps of their predecessors, the current PSG has continued to play an active role in supporting BDS in nurturing our children.
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A core objective of the PSG is to create a platform for parents to work with the Principal, Staff and Students to achieve the vision and mission of BDS. 

The other objectives are to provide opportunities for parents to volunteer their time and services and to share their expertise (professional and personal) with teachers and PSG members.


Through long term active participation in the PSG, parents benefit from enhanced relationships with school staff and derive a better understanding of school policies and programmes. 

PSG members also develop deeper bonds with their own children who often feel a stronger sense of belonging to the school when they see their parents involved in PSG activities.

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Our Working Teams

  • Publicity and Communication
  • Programme and Project
  • Volunteering
  • Administrators


The activities that the PSG are generally involved in are: 

School ActivitiesField trips, Learning Journeys, Cross Country Meets, Teachers’ Day Celebration, Breakfast Session with Sec 1 parents
Sports / Recreational ActivitiesZumba, Soccer, Balloon Sculpturing, Nerf Gun
Social ActivitiesCooking, Baking, Farm Tours, Charitable Home Visits
Personal Enrichment Talks / WorkshopsCyber Wellness, Teens’ Motivational talks, Coping with Exam Stress, Exam Strategies, etc.

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Contact Us

Do join the BDS PSG team to support your child’s development, bring out his/her best and have fun in getting to know like-minded parents. 

Download the application form here: PSG Application Form

Find out more about PSG events and activities in Facebook . 
Contact us at bds.psg@gmail.com.