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Direct School Admission (DSA)

1. Direct School Admission (DSA)

Direct School Admission for secondary schools (DSA-Sec) allows students to apply to some schools before taking the PSLE. Students apply based on their talent in sports, CCAs and specific academic areas.  

For 2021, Bedok South Secondary School will offer Secondary One places to aspiring students with the desire to be developed under our key distinctive programmes via the DSA-Sec Exercise. We are looking for students who are passionate about these areas and are willing to contribute to the school and society. The key distinctive programmes are:

(i)      Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Innovation; and

(ii)     Sports and Games:

o   Badminton (Boys & Girls)

o   Floorball (Boys & Girls)

o   Football (Boys)

o   Netball (Girls)

o   Outdoor Adventure (Boys & Girls)

2. Our Distinctive Programmes

Students who enter our school through DSA-Sec will take on active roles in our distinctive programmes. Our distinctive programmes and their intended outcomes are as follows:

A)  Applied Learning and Innovation –  Applied Learning Programme (ALP)
Project S.H.I.N.E (Student-centred and Holistic programme that develops Innovation and 
Nurtures Empathy)

Key Objective: To develop in our students – life-long values, skills and competencies to 
lead themselves and others as:

(i)    Creative and critical thinkers who approach STEM-related problems and issues with an 
        innovative mindset;

(ii)   Effective Communicators and Collaborators  who are confident in communication and able              to work in teams or independently; and

(iii)  Citizens who serve with conviction and empathy by contributing back to the community.

Talent AreaProgrammes and activities that expect to participate in
Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  1. Specialized STEM Workshop for Sec 1 & 2 (App Development Workshop for 2021)
  2. Pitching workshops for Sec 1 & 2 (with SUTD)
  3. MOE Innovation Programme (Secondary) for selected students in Secondary 3

B)  Sports and Education Programme - Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

SHAPE@BDS (A School of Healthy And Physically Educated Enthusiasts at  Bedok South

Secondary) through Sports and the Outdoors 

Key Objective: To develop in our students life-long values, skills and competencies 

lead themselves and others in living an active, healthy and fulfilling life, including:

(i)    Self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve personal well-being physically,

       emotionally and mentally;

(ii)   Social awareness, interpersonal and leadership skills to build and maintain positive                      relationships and lead others; and

(iii)  Skills and knowledge of sports and the outdoors to lead themselves and others towards living      a healthy and balanced life.

Talent Area
Programmes and activities that students can expect to participate in
(subject to Safe Management Measures and safety considerations)
Sports and Games
  1. Immediate enrolment in the sports CCA for the talent area.
  2. Attend at least 1 external programme with the National Schools Award (NSA) or with ActiveSG.
  3. Participate in Sport Leaders Programme by ActiveSG.
  4. Be involved in the planning and execution of the Annual Sports CCA Camp.
  5. Participate in the National School Games for each talent area at the zonal/national level.
Outdoor Adventure
  1. Experience in the following activities
    1. Expedition based activities: hiking, cycling
    2. Water activities: kayaking, stand-up paddle, sailing, swimming
    3. Height activities: climbing, abseiling and rope courses
  2. Courses in outdoor or adventure based skills
    1. Technical certification courses in climbing and kayaking
    2. Campcraft course

3. Application Procedure

Bedok South Secondary School: Direct School Admission (DSA-SEC) to 2022 Secondary 1

Bedok South Secondary School has always endeavoured to provide our students with many opportunities to develop their curricular and co-curricular interests. This exposure has led many of our students to discover their passion, strengths and potential, and fueled their desire to pursue more advanced learning in the areas where they have displayed talent. The Direct School Admission (DSA- Sec) exercise provides us with the opportunity to admit students with strengths and talent in:

      i.  Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Innovation - ALP Project SHINE

      ii.  Sports and Games - LLP SHAPE@BDS

                  a.    Badminton (Boys & Girls)

                  b.    Floorball (Boys & Girls)

                  c.     Football (Boys)

                  d.    Netball (Girls)

                  e.    Outdoor Adventure (Boys & Girls)

Bedok South Secondary School invites Primary 6 students with any of the following attributes and achievements to apply through the DSA-Sec exercise:

a)       Via Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Innovation

(i) Represented the school and achieved accolades in inter-disciplinary competitions, or led/served as a member of inter-/intra-school projects or IP-related competitions, which require participants to generate innovative solutions to problems and issues.

(ii)  Held leadership position/s in inter-disciplinary clubs or societies that require participants to generate innovative solutions to problems and issues.

b)      Via Sports and Games

(i)      Possesses strong aptitude and interest in sports and the outdoors.

(ii)    Represented primary school at the zonal/national level in a particular sports.

(iii)  Held leadership position/s in their CCA in primary school e.g. CCA  captain/chairman

Application for DSA-Sec can be submitted through the online DSA-Sec Portal. The application is free-of-charge and will be open on 5 May 2021 at 11.00am and the closing date of submission is on 1 June 2021 at 3.00pm

Only short-listed applicants are required to attend an interview by the Selection Panel from 12 July to 27 Aug 2021.

All applicants will be informed on the outcome of their application by 10 September 2021 via email or post. Successful applicants’ primary schools will follow-up on other actions of the DSA exercise. Results of posting will be released on the day of the release of the PSLE results.

*Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the student’s aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools’ academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent.

The application timeline for 2021 is summarised as follows:



5 May 2021, 11.00am

Application for DSA opens. To be done online via the centralized DSA-Sec portal.

1 June 2021, 3.00 pm

Closing date for application

6 July 2021

Notification of short-listed candidates

12 July to 27 August 2021

·         School-based interview for short-listed applicants

·         Administration of Trials and Performance Task

Stage 1: Selection Stage


By 10 September 2021

All applicants will receive a reply from the school on the outcome of their application informing them if:


(a)They have been given a Confirmed Offer (CO). (b)They are placed on the Waiting List (WL). (c)The school is unable to offer them a place.

Stage 2: School Preference Submission

End October

School Preference Form to be submitted physically at respective Primary Schools or online via the DSA-Sec Internet System (DSA-Sec IS).

Stage 3: Results Release Stage

Late November

Release of DSA-Sec Results together with PSLE results

4. Documentation

MOE Mainstream School Applicants

      Applicants need not

·  Submit any academic and non-academic achievements related to their primary school. Information such as their P5 and P6 academic results, CCA, school-based activities/achievements/awards, NAPFA results, etc. will be shared directly with the DSA-Sec secondary schools that they apply to.

      Applicants may need to

·       Provide documentary proof of non-school based activities and achievements. This may include participation/contribution in external competitions/events, Values in Action programmes, other special talents, and contributions to school and the community, if any.


     Non-MOE Mainstream School Applicants

     Applicants are required to

·       Submit a portfolio of academic and non-academic awards and achievements, including leadership experiences, participation in Values in Action programmes, and evidence of other special talents and contributions to school and the community (if any), for verification against the data provided during application.

5. Selection

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and applicants will not need to visit our school in person. We will continue to use e-modes for the selection process of all talent areas for 2021. This will be conducted at the applicants’ primary school during the selection period. (similar to how DSA was conducted in 2020).

  • We will select candidates based on diverse academic and non-academic criteria such as the following:

a) Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Problem-solving skills and clarity of purpose and values, as well as evidence of interest in innovation through participation in relevant projects and competitions. A situational task may be set during the video-conference interview with shortlisted candidates.

b) Sports and Games: Game skills, passion, experience and clarity of purpose and values.

Shortlisted candidates may either

1) Submit existing video footage (of not more than 10 mins) of them in action during CCA training, Competitions and National School Games; or

2) Spend about 5 minutes during the video conference interview demonstrating their sports specific skills. (The school will inform the shortlisted candidates beforehand regarding the tasks/skills to be demonstrated.)

For (1) and (2), the school will get in touch with shortlisted candidates on the process by which to submit their existing video footage, or communicate the required tasks/skills to be demonstrated during the interview.

  • Through this exercise, successful applicants via our distinctive programmes will gain admission into BDS for the academic year beginning January 2022. Students who are successfully admitted to the school via DSA are expected to honour their commitment to the school, and participate in the activities related to the talent they are selected from years 1 – 4/5.

 For more information about the DSA Exercise, you may:

o   Visit MOE DSA-Sec website at  www.moe.gov.sg/dsa-sec

o   Contact the following staff for further clarification:


Contact Person


Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Ms Denise Wong


Sports & Games

Mr Edzra Iskandar