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Road Safety Guidelines For Drivers

 Key points to note when driving into the school:

·   Please slow down and stop promptly for students to cross at the zebra crossing.

·   Please signal early when approaching the school gate and give way to other drivers                          when necessary.

·   When approaching the drop off area in the school, please stop at designated spots as                      indicated by our staff on duty. Your child should be ready to alight.

·   When driving out of the school gate, please turn left as it will help ease the congestion                    and ensure a smooth traffic flow.

Please refer to the attached maps on how to get to Bedok Road and Upper East Coast Road after turning left at the school gate.

We thank all parents/guardians who have been understanding and we continue to seek everyone’s co-operation when driving into the school during the peak hours.

To Bedok Road

To Bedok Road.jpg

To Upper East Coast Road

To Upper East Coast Road.jpg