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School Accolades

Green Audit Award

The Green Audit award is an annual environmental audit programme organised by the Singapore Environmental Council (SEC).

The programme requires schools to obtain information such as its usage of electricity, the amount and type of rubbish generated in different areas in the school and green activities organised by the school.

The programme aims to increase the school’s level of environmental awareness and encourage each individual to develop solutions and adopt habits to improve their environment.

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Green Audit Award 3

Community In Bloom (CIB) Award 2018 (Silver Award)

One of the aims of the biennial CIB Award by NPark is to promote the gardening movement by motivating community gardening groups to enjoy gardening. The transformation of the small green space in Bedok South did not start off as an attempt to win any award. In fact, it was an initiative by a group of Sec 2 NT students to enhance the beauty of the school and to create a little haven for their schoolmates to hang out at. With that simple aim in mind, they started to visit schools which already had their gardens to learn how they could embark on their gardening project. They took notes and asked many questions in order that they could better conceive their plans for their garden. Mentored by Mr Chia, an expert in horticulture, they drafted and came up with the design of the garden. Through Mr Chia, they also learned about the importance of harvesting rainwater so that this becomes a sustainable source of water for their garden. Their initial plans met with some setbacks, as the wooden structures they created to support the plants were destroyed by termites. It took them 2 years to finally see their garden bearing fruits and it was an added bonus for them that they managed to win the CIB Silver Award. Through their determination, these students have helped their schoolmates to better appreciate the school motto of “Success through Endeavour”.  

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