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“BDS CCA: BDSians of exemplary CharaCter and Ability”


“To actively engage and challenge every student in CCA with the opportunity to develop into a responsible, confident and resilient student who aspires to excel and uphold the name and reputation of the school.

Vision, Mission statements: Our goals and strategies intend to achieve the following outcomes: 
  • To engage CCA members in social, physical, aesthetics, cognitive and emotional (space) domains so that they are well rounded.
  • To prepare sports players to be display character in sporting excellence to meet the rigour of National Schools’ competition in representing the school.
  • To produce cadets who are disciplined and committed to our national interest (NE).
  • To develop performing arts pupils to be aesthetically creatively and test skills to perform at SYF level. As part of stretch goal, to create dance as niche CCA.
  • To enhance club members’ contribution in community through their enterprising skills in CCA; environment, media, and National library. 

CCA Policy

It is compulsory for all medically fit students to take up ONE CORE CCA, which can be a Physical Sport, a Uniformed Group, a Visual and Performing Art or a Club. Students may participate in a second CCA to broaden their experiences and learn a wider range of skills.

Attendance rate is based on the main CCA and students are expected to obtain at least a 75% attendance rate. Absence from CCA is taken seriously, for which a Medical Certificate or a Letter from parents/guardians is required.

The School Band and the National Uniformed Groups (NCC, NCDCC and NPCC) are mandatory CCAs in secondary schools. Students are strongly encouraged to remain in these CCAs for the years in secondary school. One change in CCA either at the end of Secondary One or Secondary Two is allowed on a case-by-case basis.

For non-mandatory CCA, students who are keen to experience a different CCA in school may opt for a change at the beginning of each year but not during the academic year unless permission is given by the HOD / PE & CCA. In such cases, the recognition level awarded for the previous CCA will be credited to the student’s new CCA.