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CCA Recognition and Awards

  • CCA Colours Gold Award / Plaque Award (Pinnacle CCA Outstanding Award
This is given on Speech Day for pupils who satisfy the criteria of excellence defined by the School in their CCAs.
  1. Consistent attendance in CCA sessions;
  2. Positive learning attitude;
  3. Consistently demonstrates the ICARE values

  • CCA Merit Award and Certificate of Appreciation
This is given out during our National Day Celebrations for pupils who have
contributed significantly to their CCAs.

  • BDS Sports Boy / Girl Award (Pinnacle Outstanding Sports Individual Award)
This Award is given to an outstanding individual with exemplary conduct and
sportsmanship in each CCA.
1. Outstanding attendance in CCA sessions;
2. Positive and humble learning attitude;
3. Exemplifies the ICARE values

  • Edusave Award for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service (EAGLES) Award
The Edusave award is given to a maximum of 10% of Singapore students who
display good leadership, service to community and school or excellence in nonacademic
activities over a one-year period.
  1. Achievement in CCA;
  2. Outstanding leadership;
  3. Community service