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Infocomm Media Club


The focus of Infocomm Media Club is to provide its members with a plethora of skills and experiences pertaining to photography, videography information and communication technology as well as content creation.

One of the club's objectives is to excite members about Infocomm,  photography and videography in a fun and meaningful way and prepare them for the digital world, helping them to be ICT-savvy with the new skills learnt at the CCA training sessions. The members also cultivate leadership and acquire collaborative capabilities. They are also given opportunities to hone their skills through competitions related to photography and information technology.

As one of the service CCAs in school, the members play a vital role as photographers and videographers, covering school events such as the annual Speech Day, National Day celebrations, Teachers' Day celebrations and Graduation Day. Such experiences give them exposure to various mediums to experiment and gain valuable insights.

The members also contribute to the society with CCA leaders guiding the members in various Values In Action projects such as Fairprice Walk for Rice 2020 and club-initiated food drive in partnership with Food Bank. 


  • Keep students excited about the possibilities of infocomm in a fun way.
  • Expand students’ creative and entrepreneurial spirit by exposing them to IT workshops organised by polytechnics, IT training sessions and IT-related competitions.
  • Develop students’ interest in photography, videography and journalistic writing by tapping onto their creativity in using the information technology accurately and meaningfully.


  • DigiGirlz 2020 Singapore
  • Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2019 Celebrations (Finalist)
  • Tableau Data Stories Competition 2017 (Popular Choice Award)
  • Anti-Drug Video Competition 2016 (Merit Award)


Mr Benjamin Ong (OIC)
Mdm Suchandra (2IC)
Ms Sophia Yap
Ms Hoori
Mrs Mah – Pow Lai Gim