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Science & Environment Club

Science and Environment


The Science Society comprises 4 main sub-groups: 
(i) Robotics 
(ii) PET Rockets 
(iii) Environment 
(iv) Visits

The first 3 sub-groups devote their activities to their members’ enrichment and excellence in that particular field. They also provide opportunities for members to take part and be engaged in various competitions (zonal, national and international level) held throughout the year. 

The Visits sub-group engages themselves in organising field-trips and visits for the members to various attractions in Singapore that allow members to enrich themselves in scientific knowledge and discovery. These attractions include Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Marina Barrage, The Southern Ridges (forest walk) and visits to the Science Centre. These learning journeys not only enable students to appreciate nature and science better through first-hand discovery, they also serve as an eye-opener for many students. 

A highlight of this year would be the students’ visit to the Science Centre for an iMax Movie about The Panda Adventure. A group of Science Society students also participated in the EduRace 2013 organised by Tampines Junior College to complete en-route tasks to raise awareness among the students on the scarcity of water in Singapore. 

The Environment sub-group has been engaged in activities to better appreciate the Earth and raise awareness on the need to save the Earth from Man’s harmful activities. Our members have organised workshops for neighbouring secondary schools to engage them in fun-filled and hands-on ‘green’ activities. They have also visited the ABC Water Trail @ Lorong Halus and the Alpha Biodiesel Plant and Incineration Plant as part of their learning journeys.

Key Events

The Science Society has/ will be participating in the following events:
  1. International and National PET Rocket Competition
  2. APRSAF-23 Water Rocket Event
  3. Robofest
  4. Underwater Robotics Olympiad 
  5. Bull's Eye Competition
  6. VJC Robotics Challenge
  7. ITE RoboChallenge
  8. Gliderfest at Republic Poly


Year Activity Achievement
2018 APRSAF-25 Water Rocket Event Represented Singapore
 National PET Rocket Competition & International Selection 20181st, 3rd, 4th & 9th Individual Placing
2016International PET Rocket Competition Selection for 6-Strong SG Team

APRSAF-23 Water Rocket Event in Manila, Philippines Represented Singapore
2015 RoboFest 2015 Intermediate Robotics (Secondary) Judges Award (Most unique design robot)
12th National PET Rocket Competition 2015 1)Parachute System Category: Individual 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th positions
2)Precision Precision Targeting Category (60m): Individual 3rd ,7th, 9th, 10th and 11th positions
3)Overall Schools; 1st position for Precision Targeting Category (60m) and 1st for the Parachute System Category

Committee members were also given ample opportunities to organize various school events. Some students were talent-scouted and specially trained to deliver a talk on Environmental issues to the entire school population.


Ms Nancy Sim (OIC)

Ms Nadia Begam (2IC)
Ms Joanne Ng 

Leadership Positions

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Head of Robotics
  4. Head of PET Rocket
  5. Head of Environment