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Football training in Bedok South Secondary provides the opportunity for students to take time off from their school work to relax and have fun. Even though our Coach, Ex-National Player, Dalis Supait enforces tough training to ensure the players improve their fitness level and also their technical skills, every session always ends with a game where players get to pit their skills against one another resulting in much enjoyment for all players. 

Due to the nature of the training, the bonding between the soccer players is tremendous. Players of the team, regardless of class, level, race and religion have established great rapport both off and on the pitch. 

Character Building is another key aspect that the coach and the teachers greatly emphasize during trainings and games. Discipline is strictly enforced in the team to ensure everyone knows the expected behaviour to be carried out in the team. 

With all these components infused, we believe that our CCA provides an enriching and fulfilling experience for all our members. 


To teach our students the fundamental aspect of the beautiful game of football in an enjoyable and
challenging environment.

Key Events

  1. East Zone Football Tournament (B Div and C Div Boys)
  2. National Schools Football Tournament (B Div and C Div Boys), if qualify
  3. Combined Sports Camps in June and Training Camp in December
  4. Friendly Matches with other schools or clubs
  5. External tournaments






East Zone C Division Championship – Boys

First Round


East Zone B Division Championship – Boys

(SPL 2)


EZ Challenge Cup – C Div Champions



FC Bayern Youth Cup – B Division

Quarter Finalist


East Zone Challenge Trophy Champions 'C' Division



School Premier League B Division



National School Games (NSG East Zone) B and C Boys

 1st Round

H2O Challenge Cup (2nd Tier) of National Competition

4th Place


National School Games (NSG East Zone) B and C Boys

1st Round

ITE-H20 Ultimate Champions League

U13 Champion

Masagos Cup

1st Runners-Up

Hougang United FC Challenge Cup

1st Runners-Up


Nike Cup


Adidas Invitation Tournament

4th Place

Masagos Cup



Ms Erdiah Bte Samad (OIC)
Mr Ridzuan
Mr Loi Churn Mun
Mr Zulhilmi

And External Coach

Leadership Positions

    1. Captains and Vice Captains for each division
    2. Team managers for each division