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Sec 1 Science Learning Journey to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

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On 16 and 17 May 2018, the Sec 1 Express and N(A) students participated in the Learning Journey to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum at the National University of Singapore. During the visit, the students viewed specimens of many organisms including large varieties of insects, sea creatures and mammals, some of which are native to Singapore. The students then worked collaboratively to construct a dichotomous key which allowed them to develop an appreciation of how scientists actually work to classify organisms.

They also came up close and personal with the museum’s three dinosaur skeletons excavated from America and “Jubi Lee”, the skeleton of the first sperm whale found in Singapore waters during Singapore’s Jubilee year. Through viewing of the sperm whale exhibit which showed the contents salvaged from the gut of the whale, they were also able to reflect on the impact of human activities on biodiversity and what actions they can take to preserve our natural heritage.

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Secondary 1 PET Rocket

The PET Rocket programme is an experiential and inter-disciplinary learning programme that provide students with opportunities outside the classroom to understand the applications of Science and Math concepts through the construction and launching of rockets made from recycled materials.


The programme aims to:

1.  Develop appreciation for the application of Science and Math concepts in the considerations in 

     the construction and launching of rockets (Newton’s Laws of motion, pressure, interaction of               forces, energy conversion acceleration, angle of elevation)

2.  Stimulate interest in Science

3.  Encourage team bonding

At the end of the half-day workshop, students were able to construct their rockets using plastic PET bottles and test their rocket design during launching to hit a specified target.

Life Science Workshop 

@ The Science Centre

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Secondary 4 Biology DNA Workshop

@ The Science Centre – ‘Finding the Lost Princess’


The Secondary 4 Biology students attended a DNA Workshop in the Singapore Science Centre, entitled ‘Finding the Lost Princess’. As a complement and extension to their O Level Biology Syllabus, the students were immersed in this captivating hands-on workshop that combined modern world History and forensic analysis. The workshop engaged the students in learning about the fate of the late Princess Anastasia of the Russian empire and explained how the haemophilia gene became prominent within the European royal family. 

Through this exploratory and problem-based workshop, the students gained a deeper understanding on the study of genetics and the inheritance of sex-linked genetic disorders. In addition, they also acquired genealogical DNA analysis techniques which included agarose gel electrophoresis and micropipetting. This workshop also enlightened the students to better understand how the study of Science is interconnected to other disciplines of study.