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Booklists for 2021

Sale and Collection of Textbooks / Stationery / Socks / PE attire for 2021

1.  Please be informed that there will be no physical sale of textbooks, stationery, socks and PE attire in the school premises this year due to the Covid-19 situation.

2.  Students are strongly advised to purchase their school items online at pacificbookstores.com with option for home delivery (fixed delivery Charge of $11.80 applies). The online ordering system is available from 4 Nov 2020 till 31 Dec 2020.

3.   Students who are not on the Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) may opt for self-collection from the school premises. They are strongly advised to adhere to the chosen appointment date and time. We seek your understanding that no walk-ins will be entertained.

4.  Students who are on FAS will have to come down to the General Office with their booklist to collect their Approved FAS letter before 24 December 2020. They will be assigned a date and a time slot for their onsite collection.  

5.  All booklists are available on the school website https://bedoksouthsec.moe.edu.sg/information-and-links/for-students/book-list-for-2021

Thank you.

- Sec 1 Express
- Sec 1 Normal Academic
- Sec 1 Normal Technical
- Sec 2 Express
- Sec 2 Normal Academic
Sec 2 Normal Technical 
- Sec 3 Express
- Sec 3 Normal Academic
- Sec 4 Express
- Sec 4 Normal Academic
Sec 5 Normal Academic