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National Digital Literacy Programme

At MOE’s Committee of Supply Debate in March 2020, MOE launched the National Digital Literacy Programme (NDLP) for our schools and Institutes of Higher Learning to help students strengthen their digital literacy. One of the components of the NDLP is the introduction of the Personalised Digital Learning Programme (PDLP) for all secondary school students, whereby every secondary school student will own a school-prescribed Personal Learning Device (PLD) by end-2021.

The following provides important information about how you can purchase the PLD for your child/ward as well as the accompanying applications that the school will be rolling out as part of the NDLP.

Aims of PDLP


Principal's Introduction to PDLP

Bedok South’s Vision for PDLP

A positive, future-ready, digital learner.
The school aims to empower every BDSian to be a positive, future-ready, digital learner who can embrace the use of technology as a key enabler to effectively engage in the Active Learning process, both independently or with others; and to spark joy of learning anytime, anywhere. All students will see themselves employing technology even more purposefully to enhance their learning interactions, enabling them to learn actively in independent as well as collaborative settings, both within and outside their classrooms. Students will also acquire digital literacy in the four components of Ministry of Education (MOE)’s Digital Literacy Framework:


Personal Learning Device (PLD)

The PLD will be used in tandem with the national e-learning platform – the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) – as well as other educational technology to personalise and enhance students’ learning. This will also enable students to acquire digital skills and apply these skills as they navigate an increasingly digitalised world.

Every BDSian will be using the Apple iPad as their PLD. Every iPad will come bundled with the Apple pencil and keyboard to maximise the affordances of the iPad as a learning tool.


The enhanced device bundle includes 3-year AppleCare+ for the iPad, associated accessories, two repairs or one replacement claim within the 3-year insurance/warranty period and fortnightly courier service by Contractor to collect damaged devices from school. Alternatively, parents can choose to send the iPad directly to one of the Apple Service Centres located islandwide.

Use of Edusave

MOE has provided a one-off Edusave top-up of $200 in 2020, to all students who are Singapore Citizens. As part of the Household Support Package announced in Budget 2021, the Government will also provide a top-up of $200 in 2021 to the Edusave account of Singapore Citizens who are studying in a MOE-funded school. This is on top of the current annual contributions of $290 for secondary students. The top-up will be done automatically in May 2021.

Parents/guardians can also choose to pay cash for the PLD. However, please note that it is compulsory for all existing students on the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme to use their Edusave to pay for the PLD, after subsidies have been granted.

To find out the balance in your Edusave account, please call 6260 0777.

Financial Assistance

Subsidies are available for students who require financial assistance to purchase a PLD. Students under the MOE or School-based Financial Assistance Scheme for the year will automatically be subsidized for the PLD. Students who are currently not on either the MOE or School-based Financial Assistance Scheme may approach the school’s General Office to apply for subsidy if their Gross Household Income (GHI) is $4,000 or less, or Per Capita Income (PCI) is $1,000 or less.

“PCI” refers to the Gross Household Income divided by the total number of family members in the household.

Device Management Application

Device management application (DMA) software will be installed on your child’s device to provide a safe learning experience for your child, and to prevent misuse of the device.

The security software on students' PLD only collects information required to facilitate a conducive environment for teaching and learning, and to encourage good online practices.

The DMA has three main components which will support the use of PLD in the classroom and safeguard students’ cyber wellness:

(a) Classroom Management Service

This enables teachers to manage the students’ use of the PLD during lesson time to improve classroom management and support effective teaching and learning.

(b) Mobile Device Management Service

This facilitates the updating and managing of the PLD, protects the PLD from malicious software, and protects students from objectionable internet content.

(c) Usage Management Service

This enables the school and/or parents/guardians to better supervise and set helpful limits for students’ use of PLD after school.

The DMA will be funded by MOE and will be uninstalled from the device when the child graduates/ leaves the school.

Digital Citizenship and Cyber Wellness

As BDSians develop digital skills that support their learning, it is also imperative that they are empowered to take responsibility for their personal well-being when using technology.


The school adopts MOE’s Cyber Wellness Framework to develop students into responsible digital citizens. BDSians’ attitudes and behaviour on the use of technology are guided by the three Cyber Wellness Principles. These principles are constantly reinforced when students engage in the “Sense-Think-Act” process, which serves as a structure for them to use technology safely and meaningfully for their learning and interactions.

To support you in keeping your child safe online, you may refer to these resources:

Roll-Out of IT Applications

As part of the NDLP, schools will progressively roll out IT applications that will be vital to students’ learning experience and educational journey. In the following months, MOE will roll out some or all of the following applications:

(a) Student iCON: MOE will give every secondary school student an email address. This is a service provided by Google as part of Google Suite.

(b) Microsoft Pro Plus: every secondary school will be granted a licence to use Microsoft Office tools that include Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

(c) Zoom: MOE will set up Zoom free account with 40 mins time limit using Student iCON for the schools’ video conferencing needs.

The school will need to use your child/ward’s personal data such as his/her name and class to set up user accounts.

The school may also roll out applications other than those listed above. The school will need to use your child’s/ward’s personal data such as his/her name and class to set up these user accounts.

PDLP Information For Parents

Important Actions For Parents/Guardians

In Term 2 (2021), parents/guardians will receive a letter from the school via Parents Gateway or hardcopy with details about the PDLP. Please submit the following consent forms in order for the school to begin processing the purchase of a PLD for your child/ward.

  •  Intent to Purchase PLD
  •  Standing Order for Use of Edusave (for SC only)
  •  Authorisation to collect PLD

For parents/guardians with Singpass, please make an online submission at go.gov.sg/bsss-pdlp-admin.
For parents/guardians without Singpass, please submit the hardcopy letter to your child’s/ward’s Form Teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Please click here to access the FAQs.

Further Queries

Should there by any further queries or clarification, please email us at bsss.moe.edu.sg.