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Character and Citizenship Education  


Bedok South Secondary takes a whole school approach towards Student Development with every teacher, a Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) teacher. The school aims to develop our students’ knowledge, understanding, skills and abilities to make informed and responsible choices in their lives. CCE seeks to achieve the BDS vision to: 

  ·   Build Character 

  ·   Develop Leaders of Tomorrow; so that BDSians will 

  ·   Serve with Conviction 

Our curriculum is aligned to the MOEFramework for 21st Century Competencies and Student Outcomes (2014) and the MOECCE Syllabus for secondary schools.

Student Outcomes

· a confident person who has a strong sense of right and wrong, is adaptable and resilient, knows      
  himself, is discerning in judgment, thinks independently and critically, and communicates   

· a self-directed learner who questions, reflects, perseveres and takes responsibility for his own    

· an active contributor who is able to work effectively in teams, is innovative, exercises initiative,
  takes calculated risks and strives for excellence.

· a concerned citizen who is rooted to Singapore, has a strong sense of civic responsibility, is
  informed about Singapore and the world, and takes an active part in bettering the lives of others
  around him.

Approach and Pedagogy

The BDS CCE experience comprises the following areas: 

CCE Lessons

CCE lessons are opport unities for teachers to facilitate learning for building positive character and citizenry. The lessons across all levels (secondary 1 to 5) are taught according to the following themes

· The Leader Within 
· Family Our Foundation
· Being a Positive Influence 
· U & I in the Community 
· This is Home Truly   
· Thinking Hearts, Feeling Minds

To develop social and emotional competencies in students, the following programmes are incorporated into CCE lessons:

· Education and Career Guidance 
· Sexuality Education 
· Cyber Wellness 
· Values in Action

CCE lessons are also a platform to deliver the National Education (NE) experience.

School-Based CCE

To enhance the development of positive character and values, morning assemblies are platforms for talks and sharing by staff and students. Three times a week, presentations during morning assemblies focus on the following themes:

· Values Monday : Staff and students link the BDS ICARE Values to stories, articles and their personal experiences to inculcate in students the values of Integrity, Courage, Accountability, Respect, Excellence and Care. 
· CCE Wednesday : Sharing by staff and students on Character and Citizenship Education
· Excellence Friday : To encourage students to strive for excellence in all they do, student achievements
  are recognised and students are given the opportunity to share their learning on their journey to 

In addition, customised assembly programmes are planned throughout the year to compliment the lessons taught during CCE lessons.

Teacher-Pupil Interviews

Form Teachers conduct Teacher-Pupil Interview (TPI) sessions with students to build rapport and identify their needs and strengths. Students are encouraged to take this opportunity to get to know their Form Teachers better and share with them their concerns and aspirations. TPI sessions are conducted during dedicated curriculum time.

Student Recognition

The EdusaveCharacter Award (ECHA) aims to recognise Singaporean students in the school who are exemplary in character and possess outstanding personal qualities through their behaviour and actions which inspire others. This award is given to a maximum of 2% of Singaporean students in the school at the end of the year. 

ECHA recipients are selected based on school-based criteria that are based on guidelines provided by MOE. Students are identified for consistently demonstrating civic responsibility, resilience and values that BDS wishes to recognise and encourage.

Tips for Parents and Recommended Online Resources

Thank you parents for journeying alongside our children to help them achieve their aspirations. Visit the following resources to find out more about how you can play a meaningful role in their journey.

Schoolbag.sg – Schoolbag.sg is an online publication by the Ministry of Education, Singapore that provides parents, educators and the general public with education news, school features and tips. Click on the ‘Parent Partnership’ tab to find a wealth of useful information for parents.

ECG Parent Guide (https://www.moe.gov.sg/microsites/ecg-parent-guide). This microsite hosts an online copy of the recently published Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Parent Guide that has tips on how to support your child’s ECG journey.

Recommended online resources

MySkillsFuture Portal – Students are introduced to this tool to help them discover their attributes and strengths, and find out more about different careers that they might be interested in.

Medialiteracycouncil.sg – The Media Literacy Council website hosts useful resources for both parents and students on safe, smart and kind internet usage.