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Education and Career Guidance

The Educational & Career Guidance programme aims to equip students with the needed knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to constantly cope with change, adapt to new situations and make informed education and career choices. This is to prepare our students for the world of work, equip them with the skills to remain competitive in the global economy and above all, to lead meaningful and productive lives.

Learning Outcomes

Lower Secondary Emphasis: Career Awareness & Exploration
Goal: To deepen students’ understanding of self and relate schooling to the different education and career pathways.
  • Exploring the world of work
  • Awareness of relevant courses of study
  • Awareness of skills, interests and values

Upper / Post Secondary Emphasis: Career Experience & Planning
Goal: To enable students to synthesise information gathered from relevant sources to make sound educational and career decisions.
  • Develop personal & social skills through work experiences
  • Developing skills in gathering information
  • Development of decision-making skills
ECG Curriculum

ECG Curriculum

The BDS ECG curriculum comprises the following:
  • ECG Lessons
  • ECG Portal (MySkillsFuture Portal)
  • Talks on Educational options & pathways
  • Careers Day
  • Work Experience Programme
  • Learning Journeys to Industries
  • Visits to Open Houses

What is MySkillsFuture Portal?
The MySkillsFuture portal is an online portal that facilitates education and career development among students. This portal aims to help students discover their identity through awareness, exploration and planning. All students will have guided lessons on how to use this portal It can be accessed from home.

ECG Counselling

Our ECG Counsellor, Ms Samantha Woo is available for consultation on Tuesdays at the ECG Space in the Media Resource Library. Students are welcomed to email the counsellor at Woo_WAI_YENG@schools.gov.sg approach her directly or make an appointment through their Form Teachers.

ECG Space

ECG Information CornerThere are magazines, brochures, prospectus and other resources from our Post-Secondary Institutions and partners available for browsing and loan at the ECG Space in the Media Resource Library. Students are invited to visit the corner for the latest ECG information and updates.

Environmental Conservation VIA @ Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin: Peer Leaders & Prefects

Elective Module

1.    Time Management Skill
 2.    Study Strategies 
 3.    Test-Taking Strategies
 4.    Note-Taking Skills
 5.    Organisation
 6.    Goal Setting and Academic Liabilities

NA & NT Elective Modules