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Learning for Life Programme (LLP) SHAPE @BDS


SHAPE@BDS (A School of Healthy And Physically Educated Enthusiasts) 

To develop a School of Healthy and Physically Educated Enthusiasts at Bedok South Secondary School through Sports and the Outdoors

Student Outcomes

To inculcate in our students - life-long values skills and competencies to lead themselves and others; towards living an active, healthy and fulfilling life.

(i) Self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve personal well-being physically, emotionally and mentally;

(ii) Social awareness interpersonal and leadership skills to build and maintain positive relationships and lead others;

(iii) Skills and knowledge of sports and the outdoors to lead themselves and others towards living a healthy and balanced life.

This LLP is aligned to the school’s mission of building character, producing leaders of tomorrow and to serve others with conviction.


Student Programmes (please add additional rows if necessary)

Title and Brief Description

Level(s) of students involved

1. Swimming for Life Programme

Sec 1

2. Outdoors for Life Programme – Kayaking 1 Star Certification and Expedition around SG

Sec 2

3. Active Movers for Life  

   (Walk, Run, Cycle) around SG

Sec 3

4.  Fitness Enthusiasts for Life

Sec 4& 5

5. Low Element Challenge course

Selected students

LLP-Games for Life

LLP-Sports for Life

KayakingFintness Enthusiasts