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Student Leadership

The Student Leadership Programme is led by the Student Leadership Committee. The committee conducts programmes and develops student leaders through school wide programmes and through specific skills training at every level. The committee is led by a HOD (Character and Citizenship Education) and his team. Directly linked to the Committee are the Prefectorial Board and Peer Leaders. 

Students Leadership

Student Leadership programmes are designed and planned to address a studentsStudent Leadership programmes are designed and planned
- Attitude
- Skills
- Knowledge

The Kouzes and Posner Model
The school adopts the 5 Leadership Challenges of the Kouzes and Posner Model
BDS adopts the 5 Leadership Challenges

Student Leadership Mission

To nurture our students to be self-motivated, responsible, self-reliant, and thinking individuals who can serve and contribute effectively to society, and face all challenges with courage and confidence.

Student Leadership Framework

The Student Leaders fall under the Student Leadership Framework which sets an hierarchy for all Student Leaders in the School. All students will undergo the Tier 1 training which is done during CCE lessons and Assembly Programmes. Tier 2 Leaders hold appointments and will undergo training specific to their roles and responsibilities. Tier 3 Leaders hold responsibilities beyond their classrooms and CCA. They may be engaged in Student Initiated Projects that benefit the school and outside the school. The framework adopts  the Kouzes and Posner Model for Leadership Values. The Schools ICARE values are also taken into account.

Student Leadership Tiers (Recognition)

The school has different themes for different Tiers and Levels. The Tiers framework sets a way to map their achievements and chart their leadership progress as the advance from level to level.
BDS - Student Leadership Tiers

The Student Leadership Comm:



OIC:  (Student Leadership): 

Mr Edzra Iskandar (HOD PE/CCA)

Class Committee Teacher IC:

Ms Tan Li Si
Ms Yvonne Liew

Prefect Teachers ICs: 

Mr Loi Churn Mun 
Mr Joshua Tan

Peer Leader Teachers ICs:

Ms Joanne Ng
Mr Zulhilmi Jalil


The Prefectorial Board:






Prefect EXCO

Head Prefect

Vice Head Prefect (Admin)

Vice Head Prefect (Events)

Vice Head Prefect (Internal Affairs)

Head of Deployment 

Head of Training 

Sec 1-5 Level Heads

The Peer Leaders:





Peer Leader EXCO 


Vice Chairman 

Head of Logistics 

Head of Events

Head of Publications

The Class Leaders:

The Class Leaders play an important part in the school. They are the first touchpoint the Student Leaders have with the students.







Class Leaders

Class Chairman

Vice Chairman 

Welfare Leader

Safety and Environment Leader 

PE Leader 

CCE Leader

Project Work Leader

IT Leader

CCA Leaders

The CCA leaders are managed by the CCA teachers in charge. They include Captains of Sports, Sergeant Majors of Uniform Groups and President and Chairpersons of Performing Arts and Clubs/Societies. EXCOs of each CCA also play a part in the CCA Leadership. Each CCA group is led by its teachers and respective CCA Coordinators

CCA Coordinator

Mr Edzra Iskandar (HOD PE/CCA)