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Student Management

1.     Department Vision

The department aims to develop BDS students to become the “True BDSians”.  A True BDSian is one who:

·        Possesses and demonstrates the BDS ICARE Values.

·        Exercises responsibility in all that he/she does.

·        Respects and observes all school rules and laws of the land.

2.     Department Mission

The department mission is to Build character and Develop students who are future ready by grounding them with a Solid value system.

 3.    School Rules 

The school rules and regulations are aligned to the school’s core values of Integrity, Courage, Accountability, Respect, Excellence and Care (ICARE).

ICARE Values

Action Statement

Observable Behaviours :

I will…


I will make responsible decisions and stand by them. I will do what is right even when others are not looking.


Ensure I come to school in proper attire and grooming.


Ensure I am honest and truthful


I seek to overcome obstacles in my path and be resolute when facing uncertainties.


Have the courage to stand up for what is right.


Report to the teachers if I see my friends doing wrong.


Try to overcome challenges even if I am afraid.




I am responsible for my own learning and actions.

Ensure that I am responsible and will maintain positive behaviour at all times.


Do my best when I am given a task to do.



I will respect myself and others.


Respect the teachers.


Respect the school rules.


Treat everyone with respect.



I will excel and produce work of the highest quality.


I will have high self-expectations and will continue to challenge myself to learn and strive for personal best.


Give 100% on everything I do.


Strive to be the best.


I will help and value others even if they are different.


I will be sensitive to the feelings and circumstances of others.

Be kind and  helpful.


Show concern for one another.


Treat everyone equally.


Take care of one another.